CD cover In October 2017 Florisma featured on the recording: Handel's Neun Deutsche Arien under the Convivium Records Label. Produced by Andrew King, this disc features Soprano Penelope Appleyard, with original continuo team Hetti Price, Will Drakett and Aileen Henry. Also featuring as soloists are Michelle Holloway on recorder, Gail Hennessey on Baroque Oboe and Penelope Spencer on Baroque Violin.

The disc aims to be a fresh, creative take on this beautiful repertoire, varying the instrumentation in a way which highlights the individual character of each aria, celebrating their intimate and  poetic nature.

It has received 5 stars from Robert Hugill and the following reviews:

“Penelope Appleyard sings with a lovely flexible tone, combining purity with expressiveness. She is clearly technically adept, but she also brings great charm to the performances. Responding to both text and music, there is little danger here of baroque purity descending into cool boredom; we have fineness of tone combined with vibrant performance. Appleyard is well supported by all the performers, and the way the arias are written means that she and the melody instruments create a series of delightful partnerships. Overall what these performances convey is a real sense of enjoyment in this lovely music" -

“This recording is a fresh voiced account of these wonderful pieces, full of energy and sparkle, featuring singing of lovely character with some delightful ornamentation. A welcome addition to the catalogue and a notable solo recording debut for this young artist”David Clegg 

"This recital of Handel’s ravishing German Arias is a pleasure from first note to last: recorded in an ideally intimate acoustic, with varied, sensitive instrumental accompaniment from the ensemble Florisma. This is unexpected Handel, settings of devotional meditations in his first language: music that lies between the extravagant passion of his Italian operas and the uplifting nobility of his English oratorios. Penelope Appleyard’s voice is perfect for this delicate repertoire, an attractive blend of innocence and worldliness, and she communicates a real sense of joy. Highly recommended." - Catherine Bott. Singer and Classic FM presenter.

"Stylish new recording of Handel's 9 German Arias, pleasure in every bar from @PenelopeSoprano and her team" - Catherine Bott via Twitter

“What a lovely recording! Beautifully sung”James Bowman

Discs can be purchased at most of our concerts, directly from the record company website: or can be downloaded from iTunes and Spotify etc